Recent Cases

A seven year old boy with a rare chromosome disorder From movie2and severe learning difficulties adored his ‘Cosy Coupe’ toy car which he happily paddled along with his feet. However he was rapidly outgrowing the car, which is designed for very young children. His knees were hitting the bodywork and his feet were trailing along the ground. He is unable to use pedal cars or electric ones as he does not understand how to use them.

Engineers from  Essex North panel designed and made new axle mountings for the wheels which raised the car several inches. The boy once more happily paddles his car without discomfort and should be able to do so for a few more years.


Matt (not his real name) is a teenage boy with cerebral palsy who becomes very engrossed in his X-box games. The X-box controller is designed to be used by the fingers of both hands simultaneously. Matt finds the fingers of his left hand much easier to xboxinuseuse than his right hand ones, so there was the constant temptation to use his left hand to control all the buttons!

Matt’s physiotherapist wanted a barrier down the middle of the controller to stop him ‘cheating’ and make sure that his right hand was getting exercise as well as his left.

A Remap volunteer made a plastic ‘wall’ from an old helmet visor supported by aluminium brackets to achieve this. So the desired aim was achieved using scrap materials but the benefit for Matt was well worth the time and effort.

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